Our Mission: Provide safety equipment to police officers nationwide.

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U.S. Law Enforcement Officers are often not issued safety equipment that can protect against rifle rounds.

Standard issue police body armor is typically a soft body armor made of Kevlar, rated at “Level IIIa”. This level of armor will help protect the officer from most handgun rounds, but not from higher level ammunition, such as ammunition from a rifle. "Level III" ballistic armor includes steel plates that can help protect the officer from higher levels of ammunition, but many department budgets cannot provide this equipment to every officer.

Officers can purchase their own, or go without.

100% of all donations to E614 are used to purchase Level III armor and ship it to sworn U.S. Police Officers in need Nationwide. 

To be elligible, officers are required to submit a request form and supply proof of sworn employment with a U.S. law enforcement agency. To be completely fair, E614 serves officers on a first-come, first-served basis.

5253 Officers Have Requested
808 Officers have received armor

Please join us in Protecting Those Who Serve.


E614 is 100% non-profit 501(c)(3)

Our mission is funded through donations from the public and in-kind donors.

Every single cent of funds raised are used to purchase Level III ballistic armor and ship it to sworn U.S. law enforcement officers nationwide.

All labor and overhead is donated in-kind.


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