"In Memory of Allen & Igor"  2/26/18

"Matthew 5:9 - Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God."  2/22/18

"In Memory of Grandpa Gene Tunney Tompkins, still with us everyday."  2/22/18

"Happy Retirement to Brian R. McBride, Deputy Sheriff. Thank you for your service and dedication!" 1/31/17

"Dedicated to my niece who is about to enter a police academy. For her recent college graduation, in lieu of a gift from me she request a donation to E614."  1/7/18

"Thank you [law enforcement] for your courage and willingness to serve."  12/27/17

"Donated in the name of Mr. Al Braun"  12/18/17

"Happy Birthday Marie Braun!"  11/23/17

"In Memory and Thanks to all First Responders and Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting. #VegasStrong"  10/11/17

"In Dedication to Officer Trevor P. Slot"  9/8/17

"Keep it up! American Strong!" 9/5/17

"In Memory of Officer Keith Boyer - Whittier PD"   7/13/17

"Green Backs Blue Thank You Brothers and Sisters"   6/13/17

"Dedicated to Officers who serve and protect in Las Vegas Nevada"   6/13/17

"In Memory of Trevor P. Slot, E.O.W. 10-13-11"   5/21/17

"In Memory of Mike Lorne Michael and Patrick"    5/4/17  

"In Memory of Keith Lawrence"    5/3/17

"In Honor of Officer Zamaripa, Aherns, and Kroll from the Dallas PD SW substation"    5/3/17

"In Memory of Detective Chad Parque NLVPD P#1741"     4/6/17

"In Memory of Jamie Padron"     4/6/17

"In Memory of North Las Vegas Police (NV) Detective Chad Parque, EOW 1/7/17"   4/5/17

"Ron Anderson, Jim Jolliffe and every other officer I've had the honor of working with."    4/5/17

"In Memory of Tommy Norman from NLR, AR"    4/5/17

"In Memory of Deputy Brad Riches/Orange County, CA"    4/5/17

"Dedicated to many LEO in my family and all those that protect us."    4/5/17

"I'm really glad that an organization like this and many more exist! Our officers work everyday to protect us. I think it's only fair that we return the favor! God bless all our men and women in blue! Dedicated to everyone good Officer that has lost their life!"   4/5/17

"In Memory of all fallen brothers and sisters"     3/3/17


"From the NYPD 48th Pct Spec. Ops Division"   2/10/17

"In Memory of the police officers in Dallas killed in the line of duty in 2016. May this help better protect our men and women in blue!"   1/31/17

"In Memory of Officer Ronald Tarentino #74 Auburn MA Police Department"   1/18/17

"This donation is being made in the name of Paul. Happy Birthday Paul!"    12/15/16

"For the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect us. I am forever grateful!"    12/6/16

"Dedicated to ALL THOSE WHO PROTECT AND SERVE!"    12/5/16

"In Dedication of Robert Young"    12/5/16

"In Honor of Joe Poli"     11/25/16

"In Dedication of Shane Britton"    11/22/16

"To all my Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Uniform."     10/19/16

"All my brothers and sisters in law enforcement."    9/22/16

"In Memory of my Pop Robert Olivares"    9/14/16